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Artists Without Barriers

Artists Without Barriers is an artist collective run by and for artists with dis/abilities and their allies in Toronto, Ontario. We provide accessible studios spaces, arts education, and creative wellness counselling.


To support people living with dis/abilities to pursue their calling as artists. For over a decade, Artists Without Barriers has challenged barriers to access through building community and relationships amongst people of diverse abilities.


Everyone has contributions to make – acts that nurture themselves and the community. Yet people with limited use of their bodies often lack the resources, opportunities, and relationships necessary to fully express themselves and make their contributions to society. AWB creates opportunities for self-expression through art.


Artists are involved in decision-making on each level of the organization, including providing individual feedback, participating in an advisory board, and serving as resident advisors to the directors of the organization. Artists also take on various community leadership roles according to their areas of interest.


In Artists

Adam Cohoon

In Artists

Amanda Maltais

In Artists

Ken Harrower

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Christene Rowntree

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Sasha Robison

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Chris Tavares

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Paul Batten

In Artists

Dwayne Hunter


Director of Organizational Development

Ander Negrazis

Ander is an artist, community organizer, and psychotherapist.

Director of Studio & Social Media

Mark Cope

Mark is an artist who works primarily as a painter and illustrator.

Director of Management & Communications

Farha Mohanty

Farha is a community organizer and artist.


Laser Eagles Arts Guild

Artists Without Barriers (AWB) first emerged from the dedicated work of those involved in the Laser Eagles Art Guild (founded in 2004). In 2014, members of the Laser Eagles Art Guild re-named the organization to better fulfill the mission and vision of the organization and mark a shift from a charity-based founder organizing model to a community-based collective decision-making model.



The Laser Eagles Art Guild was co-founded by an extraordinary woman named Judith Snow, an internationally recognized advocate, lecturer, writer, organizer, and activist for the rights of those labelled with a disability to participate in a fully-inclusive society as citizens. Judith first envisioned a fully-inclusive space for art expression. Along with Franziska Trauttsmandorff, she began developing the idea and researching methods of enabling artists with limited speech and mobility to foster their own creative abilities and expression.

Judith Snow

How You Can Help

We are in urgent need of support…contact us today to lend a hand!


Fundraising Support

We are currently seeking experienced volunteers to help with obtaining grants/funding.


Be a Scribe

By acting as visual translators, scribes take great care to understand and accurately convey an artist’s vision.


Donate funds

Your contribution will directly support artists with dis/abilities, enabling them to create a body of work and pursue their callings as artists.


Donate supplies

Do you have materials such as canvasses and paintbrushes in need of a good home? Our artists will put them to good use!

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Contact Artists Without Barriers


The 519 Community Centre,
Toronto, Ontario