Artists Without Barriers (AWB) first emerged from the dedicated work of artists, community members, and advocates involved in the Laser Eagles Art Guild (founded in 2004). In 2014, members of the Laser Eagles Art Guild re-named the organization to better fulfill the mission and vision of the organization and mark a shift from a charity-based founder organizing model to a community-based collective decision-making model.


The Laser Eagles Art Guild was co-founded by an extraordinary woman named Judith Snow, an internationally recognized advocate, lecturer, writer, organizer, and activist for the rights of those labeled with a disability to participate in a fully-inclusive society as citizens. Judith first generated the idea of creating a fully-inclusive space for art expression. With the help from friend, Franziska Trauttsmandorff, they began developing the idea and researching different methodologies on how artists with limited speech and mobility would foster their own creative abilities and expression. In the summer of 2004, Snow and Trauttsmandorff came across the Artistic Realizations Technologies program, founded by New Jersey abstract artist Tim Lefens.

Over the years, the Laser Eagles Art Guild created a name for itself within local communities, with strong projections to expand into more communities across the city.